Violence Prevention Peace Promotion Strategy



From a Primary School student’s mother  in the Build the Peace Summer Program:

“For the first time that I can remember, my daughter would get up and get dressed without having to nag her, anxious to go to your program.”

From 4th and 5th Grade Teachers:

 “. .  . I teach 4th grade at XXX School . Over the past two years our 4th and 5th grade students have enjoyed programs presented by Dr. Barry Weisberg. Most recently, our 4th graders were invited to the You and the Universe presentation and the children (and teachers) sat mesmerized. This presentation was brilliantly done and not only captivated the students, but challenged and inspired them to think and question. Dr. Barry Weisberg has a large repertoire of interesting educational programs. He has a multitude of presentations to choose from on a variety of topics appropriate for not only schools but communities as well. Please see the attached sheet. These programs will raise the students' awareness of the world and issues that will impact their lives. I believe that Dr. Weisberg's programs would be beneficial to your students at the Middle Level School . I hope you will consider inviting him for several of his fine presentations. It will definitely be worth your while.”

 “I am a fifth grade teacher at XXX School ... Mr. Weisberg has worked with the students at XXX School adding enrichment to the classroom curricula through his many programs on a number of occasions….   He is a fine speaker with great enthusiasm for what he is sharing and for education.  I feel confident in recommending him to you for student assemblies.  Mr. Weisberg will stimulate your students learning as well as entertain them.”