Violence Prevention Peace Promotion Strategy


Parent Workshops


Between Parents and Children, Between Parents and Schools

Between Parents and Communities


Building bridges to parents is the key to successful child development and academic achievement. Yet, all too often, parents are neglected. Family resiliency is neglected. The VPPPS philosophy is to strengthen the connectedness between families, schools and communities - parents, students and teachers.


An ongoing program that consists of monthly parent workshops and quarterly institutes. During the course of a year the nine core workshops include three on Building Parent Bridges to Children, three on Building Parent Bridges to Teachers, and three on Building Parent Bridges to Communities. The Institutes include such subjects as Early Child Development, Health and Hygiene, or Alcohol-Tobacco-Substance Abuse.


Make A Minute for Peace (Linking Families and Classrooms)

Pocket Pamphlets and Power Point Slide Shows:

Preventing Discrimination & Racism, Promoting Justice & Equality

Preventing Violence, Promoting Peace

Preventing Poverty, Promoting Well Being

From Eyes Wide Shut to Eyes Wide Open

Parent/Teacher Guides to Violence Prevention

Talking to Children About Violence and Terrorism

Health and Hygiene - Alcohol, Tobacco, Substance Abuse

Child Risk Check Lists for Parents

Family Health Assessment and Referrals

Referral Services for Parents


The VPPPS will seek to provide Parents that complete the BPB Program with a 90% attendance a Family Computer, Internet Access and Training. Children will be offered classes on How to Build the Computer