USA Election Orgy


The United States Republican Party Convention (August 27-30, Tampa, Florida) and the Democratic Party Convention (September 4-6, Charlotte, North Carolina) signals the formal beginning of an orgy of ideological and blind patriotic politics that at best interferes with Americans reality television viewing routine and at worst, reveals how far to the political Right the United States may go in the next four years of continued declines in education, employment, debt control, health care, infrastructure, and well being.  It is a suiting sequel to the Olympics, where athletes wrapped themselves in American flags while United States predator drones were killing people in who knows how many countries worldwide.  For both candidates, peace through violence is their policy.

This is a contest between an ultra liberal pragmatist and an ultra right wing ideologue contender.  Barak Obama, the first African-American President, on foreign policy turned out to be to the Right of his Republican predecessor, President George W. Bush.  The depth of his knowledge about the world can be realized by the fact that when he visited China, he stayed in Shanghai only a day and a half.  On domestic policy he bailed out the billionaires on Wall Street and rejected any attempt to improve the well being of the most disadvantaged in the United States.  While from Chicago, he has refused to take any action to respond to the ferocious black on black violence in the city. 

The Republicans are the most ideological right wing gang to seek the Presidency in many years, more extreme than Barry Goldwater. By contrast, President Richard Nixon was a liberal.  The ideology of the Republicans is easily known by the fanatical dedication of the vice presidential candidate to the philosophy of Ayn Rand (1905-1982), a Russian-American novelist.  She argued, money is the barometer of a societys virtue.  And that If any civilization is to survive, it is the morality of altruism that men have to reject. These are two men whose experience in and knowledge of the world is woefully deficient.

Indeed there are differences between the candidates, but not a difference that will spell significant improvement for the lower income half of the population.  Indeed the very idea of the 99% vs. the 1% hides the fact that it is the cultural divergence between the lower 60% and the upper 40% that is equally important, as evidenced in The US Human Development Report, Mapping of America, 2010-2011.  Both candidates focus on the Middle Class, hiding the reality that the vast majority of Americans will now never achieve Middle Class status.  What is clear about both political parties and both candidates is that they are both dedicated to improve the wealth of the 1%, which now has as much wealth as 90% of all United States residents.

But what is most important to note about this election is not the candidates but the context in which it is occurring.  The many incidents of extreme weather this summer, from the rains in China to the heat in the United States, may well signal a tipping point in global climate change.  A point at which a multiplicity of natural processes is converging to signal a profound epochal change in the climate of the earth, resulting in an equally profound change in global society.  Governments at every level are certain to be unprepared to address the escalating scarcity of food and water created by this change.  Neither Obama nor Romney recognizes the approaching peril.

The American presidential dilemma of once again choosing the lessor evil is the touchstone of modern American democracy.  What is certain is the abyss between the promises and performance of all candidates. This election will be outrageously expensive, and nasty, and it will further erode any chance of consistent democracy in the United States. 

August 27, 2012